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Emergency Contact Service

First 24 hours "Off-Campus"

First night in hotel + Chaperone - included FREE!

Suspension or Expulsion Management

Medical / Mental Health Emergency

Quarantine or Isolation: COVID-19

Transition between School and Home

Delayed / Canceled Flights

Await arrival of Student's Parent/Guardian

Any reason requiring student to be off campus


One Emergency Contact

SHA Services are 100% reliable!  We contract with each family directly when services are needed, so SHA can be listed as the Emergency Contact for a group of students, or the entire school.  We are available 24/7 for same-day pick up whenever a student needs to be off campus for any reason.

Imagine... one reliable point of contact for ALL students!

If a student does not have any local support nearby, the School can contact SHA to provide any care needed in an emergency.  We assume all responsibility until the student returns home or back to campus.

When a student needs to be QUARANTINED, the following services are activated:

car pick up

Pick Up in 3-6 Hours

Students are picked up by private car/limo service (with partitions) for safety. All drivers and vehicles have been vetted and screened to provide safe, “contactless” service.


Transport To Hotel

Students are dropped off at the hotel location where their Chaperone will be waiting for them.  They will be checked into their room and given everything they need upon arrival.


24/7 Care + Supervision

Professional Chaperones supervise and monitor the students 24/7 while also providing daily concierge services. They also provide reports on student's vitals and overall health 2x per day.

meal delivery

Meals + Item Delivery

Each student receives access to their personal GrubHub account when they arrive at the hotel.  They can order meals from local restaurants, delivered safely to their room.


Real-Time Updates

We connect with Families using multiple applications (WeChat, WhatsApp, GroupMe) allowing us to coordinate student's health needs and provide fast, real-time updates to everyone involved.



If a student requires medical or mental healthcare during their quarantine, our team will connect them with a licensed professional using the Student's health insurance.

1 Contact For All Students!

GAP pricing is based on the total # of students and length of coverage period.

"GAP" (Group Assurance Plan)

A group membership option for Schools

Ready to do things differently?

It's time for a change! Why not have one reliable, single point of contact for ALL students who need it?  Avoid serious liabilities (and major headaches) for everyone involved when there's no one to pick up a student when an emergency happens.  GAP provides comprehensive support for students in any emergency situation, plus long-term care off campus.

Provide coverage for students "anonymously" or assign memberships in advance.  We can bill the school or families directly for any services needed. The first 24 hours are included with all group plans and memberships.


The Guardian "Issue"

Are you confident that ALL of your students have verified guardians who will be able to pick them up within a few hours, or provide safe quarantine for 10-14 days if they get COVID?  Schools have been left responsible to manage the additional liability of caring for students when their "guardians" cannot.

These are the most frequent calls we've had this past year:

  • A student does not have any local family nearby.
  • The contact listed is "not available" when the school calls.
  • The guardian cannot provide the appropriate care needed.
  • School facilities and resources have reached capacity.

Coverage for 10+ Students

(GAP) provides Guardian and Concierge Services for at least 10 students (minimum) in the event of an emergency, or need to be "off campus" for any reason.  Schools purchase blocks of memberships at significantly discounted rates.  They can assign them in advance to get a head start on the family contract process, or keep them on hand and wait until a student needs it during the year!  It's your call...


What does GAP provide?


Coverage for ALL students (or groups of 10+)

One single point of contact. Coverage for any emergency, or when a student needs to be off-campus.  First 24 hours of care included FREE for each student.

medical bag

Medical or Mental Health Emergency

Same-day pickup with immediate access to professional care, including Psychologists, Nurses/APRNs with prescriber authority, and medical Doctors via telehealth.

student coverage

"Anonymous" Coverage

No specific student info required to set up GAP!  Only when an SHA Service is required and a membership needs to be assigned to a student.


Billing Flexibility

The School can pay for Services, or Parents can purchase and make reservations online through their member portal anytime.


100% Service Guarantee

Support for any situation!  We are always available to provide service to covered students within hours of being contacted.

car pick up

Immediate Pick Up

Same day transportation to an off-campus hotel or host family until the student's family can make further arrangements.


Access Services online 24/7

School administrators along with the student's family will have access to a secure member portal where individual Services can be scheduled and purchased on demand.

emergency shield

Manage Risk

Use (GAP) as a back-up plan in case a student's listed contact is not available, or they are unable to provide the appropriate care needed.

Any care required after the first 24 hours is not included and must be purchased in advance

Pre-Arrival Quarantine


Membership or (GAP) REQUIRED!

SHA provides adult-supervised, overnight care to students during quarantine.  Therefore, we require each family to go through our online membership and registration process to provide consent and approval for guardianship of their student before their arrival in the U.S., and before any SHA Services can be provided.  Services cannot be booked online without a membership.

Families can Sign Up here: BECOME A MEMBER

If the student's School is covering them with a Group Assurance Plan (GAP) the individual membership fee is not required.  The family must first register using the School's "GAP Code" to set up their membership.  All Services can then be booked online through the student's member portal.


Hotel Suites

Private (single) rooms with separate living area and kitchen.  All the amenities of home for a comfortable, long-term stay.

Check Shield

Professional Chaperones

Friendly, professionally-trained staff live onsite (in separate rooms) 24/7 to supervise and provide daily care.

car pick up

Private Transportation

Emergency pick-up in 3-6 hours (included).  Book service online 24/7 for appointments, airport transfers, and more!

emergency shield

Strict Safety Procedures

We have multiple years of experience providing quarantine services to students.  We also follow all CDC guidelines.


Vaccine Assistance

We help with everything!  Including registration, supervision during the appointment and transportation.

meal delivery

Meal Delivery Service

Students receive a login upon arrival. They can order meals from local restaurants, delivered directly to their room (included).


Medical and Mental Health

Our team will connect students with the appropriate medical or mental healthcare professionals when needed.

mobile app

Mobile App to Connect

Chat live with the SHA Quarantine Team 24/7.  Get daily updates on the student's overall health and wellbeing during their stay.

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