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Guardianship for students + off-campus care & services during the year

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Local Guardian + Premium Support

SHA is a professional Guardian and Concierge Service designed for students who want access to premium off-campus accommodations and first class care. The easy online membership process allows families to establish a guardianship contract with SHA in just a few minutes! This is required for all members so our team can provide any care needed for the student, and act quickly in the event of an emergency. Plus, it provides access to members-only services available during the school year + 24/7 live chat support.

SHA currently has members from 42 countries attending 50+ schools across the U.S., with Services available to students nation-wide!

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Emergency Pick Up + Off-Campus Care

Same day pick up for any emergency using our Private Car Service to one of our nearby (Hilton) hotel locations.  Rest, recover (or just relax) for up to 14 days in a large, private suite with separate living area and kitchen! Our friendly and professional staff are onsite 24/7 to provide any care that may be needed, including access to medical services.

Our trained Chaperones create a warm, comfortable, "like-home" experience for students during these difficult situations.

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Hotel Suites + Homestays

Premium hotel accommodations and pre-screened host families selected based on your preferences.  Hotels are supervised 24/7 and include all meals delivered from local restaurants in the area.  Daily health logs and electronic permission slips are available to parents to stay connected with Chaperones and provide consent for activities during their stay.  Plus a mobile app to chat live!

Book and reserve any # of nights at locations across the U.S.  Connect with SHA members from other schools and share new experiences together!

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Member Comments:

I have been extremely impressed with the immediate response and communication between myself SHA and their Chaperones. Whenever there was a need it was immediately met with a caring and compassionate response. SHA has been absolutely top-notch! I couldn’t ask for anything more, knowing my student was in very caring, compassionate and competent hands.

Director of Health Services

(Marianapolis Preparatory School - Nursing Staff)

My son’s school recommended SHA, and I’ve been very happy with my experience.

George B.

(Parent - Louisville, KY)

SHA excels in meeting student health needs… Our son recently needed a rapid result COVID test on an expedited basis – and on a Sunday night.  SHA moved swiftly to find a clinic, provided transportation to that facility, and handled every step of the process quickly and efficiently. Within a matter of hours, the test was done.  The (thankfully negative) results were in and our son was back to his homework!

Amanda D.

(Loomis Chaffee, Parent)

I recommend the services of SHA to any family. SHA is available around the clock, all inquiries are answered very quickly. We are from Germany and have sent our son to the USA for a school year abroad. With SHA everything worked out great: our son was picked up on time from the airport in NY and driven to the hotel. Once there, he was immediately welcomed and accompanied by his Chaperone. All questions that came up were answered immediately. We are very satisfied and recommend SHA.

Stefani R.

(Parent - Berlin, Germany)

Your service is EXCELLENT!”


(Stony Brook School, Parent)

The services you provide have been a great benefit to us. Today, as scheduled, we are able to start the school with fully on-site face to face academic instruction.  This has not happened since early March 2020!!

Thank you so so much for this!”


(Keio Academy of New York, Admin)

“There is a company called Student Health Advocates that took care of my daughter in America, I was unable to go. They picked her up, checked her into a hotel since she needed to be isolated, they had someone staying at the same hotel making sure she was ok in every respect including food, got her a Pfizer vaccine and COVID test, and after 8 days are now dropping her off to school.  They were in touch with us everyday and it’s been a wonderful experience, if you have anyone going back needing isolation, vaccine, testing etc. consider using them. Great professional and friendly team!”

Ajit H.

(Landmark School, Parent)