100% Reliable, Available 24/7

SHA will act immediately to provide any care needed to safeguard your student's physical and mental health in a comfortable, adult-supervised location off-campus.

All Memberships include:

First 24 hours of off-campus care: housing, transportation, medical treatment and adult supervision during any emergency

Access to exclusive Hotel Suites, Professional Chaperones, Homestays, Quarantines and Private Transportation services

Official Membership Certificate for proof of guardianship and verification with your School

Online chat support (WeChat, WhatsApp, Website and more) available 24/7 for members only


On-Demand Services

Families have exclusive access to their SHA Member Portal to manage upcoming bookings, edit their profile and connect with other SHA Members across the U.S.  Plus receive additional members-only benefits!

Parents and students can book reservations securely through their member portal online when needed

Review orders, reschedule bookings and manage your account

Connect with other SHA students nationwide through our members-only community

Electronic permission slips for parental consent, plus daily "health logs" submitted by Chaperones

Complete all membership agreements and upload required documents securely

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The REAL Deal

COVID is still here...

During every month of 2021 SHA has received a call from (at least) one boarding school that has had a student in their health center after testing positive for COVID-19, or coming in close contact with another student who has.  In 100% of the cases the student did not have a local guardian or family in the area to provide support or safe quarantine.

Most schools have a policy that students who have tested positive for COVID-19 need to be off campus in 12-24 hours, and if there is no one to pick up the student they will take them to a local hospital for treatment and quarantine.  Schools can only provide a certain amount of support without risking the health of other students, so Families are turning to SHA for help.

With an SHA Membership, students will experience first-class service and 100% reliable care!  A private limousine (with safety partition) will pick them up in 3-6 hours and drive them to their hotel where they will be greeted by their Chaperone and checked into their room.

They will quarantine in a private suite (with separate living area and kitchen) designed for long-term comfort, and 24/7 onsite adult supervision.  Plus, access to professional medical care for up to 14 days.  Concierge Service will be provided at the hotel, including all meals delivered to the student's room by the onsite Chaperone, and 2x daily health checks with reports available to parents upon request.

"I have been extremely impressed with the immediate response and communication between myself SHA and their Chaperones. Whenever there was a need it was immediately met with a caring and compassionate response. SHA has been absolutely top-notch! I couldn't ask for anything more, knowing my student was in very caring, compassionate and competent hands."

Director of Health Services, Marianapolis Preparatory School

"SHA is available around the clock, all inquiries are answered very quickly. We are from Germany and have sent our son to the USA for a school year abroad. With SHA everything worked out great: our son was picked up on time from the airport in NY and driven to the hotel. Once there, he was immediately welcomed and accompanied by his caregiver. All questions that came up were answered immediately. We are very satisfied and recommend SHA! "

Stefani R., Berlin, Germany

We are always available!

Every membership includes an official "Certificate" that can be sent to your student's School to keep on file for their records in case of an emergency. The certificate contains SHA address & contact information.

If you are a U.S. parent without local support for your student within a few hours of school, SHA can act on your behalf to provide any needed care until you arrive.

Can I just wait until an emergency to buy a membership?

Yes. However, it is much more expensive than buying a membership in advance, and not recommended given the # of emergencies on school campuses each year.  Also, you may not be meeting your school's requirement to have a verified Guardian. We communicate directly with school Health Directors to make sure any student who lists "SHA" as their Guardian is an active member.

Due to the current environment surrounding COVID-19, we must prioritize service to students who are already members in an emergency situation.

"SHA excels in meeting student health needs when the student is far from home. Our son recently needed a rapid result COVID test on an expedited basis - and on a Sunday night. SHA moved swiftly to find a clinic, provided transportation to that facility, and handled every step of the process quickly and efficiently. Within a matter of hours, the test was done, the (thankfully negative) results were in and our son was back to his homework!"

Amanda D.

COVID-19 Important Message

  • Service is not guaranteed without a membership in advance

Pre-Campus Arrival Services

Heading back to campus?

Make sure to check with your school to see if they already have a Group Plan "GAP" with SHA first! If your school does not have a GAP plan, you can enroll your student into one of our Memberships to have access to our "back to school" services.

SHA can arrange for your student to be picked up at the airport by a private black car or SUV when their flight arrives (limousine service also available). Our chauffeurs will drive them safely to their school, or next location. If your student will be entering into quarantine, or off-campus housing with SHA, they will be greeted by their chaperone at the hotel who will handle everything from there.

Parents will have access to a mobile application that allows you to communicate directly with your student's chaperone, and receive real-time updates (including student's health info during emergencies). The app is only available when students are in "supervised care" off campus.